In a few years, you’ll be able to build your own operating system. You’ll have a place to browse the web, find people to hang out with, play games, learn, and do deep work. You’ll be able to discover apps from all over the world, modify them, and build your own with your friends– a true multiplayer computing experience that you can customize and call home. Today, the launch of Replit Apps marks the first step towards that future.

Apps, right now, is a gallery to browse and discover new repls from the community. Everything from games, to generative art, to machine learning models are on here. We have a vibrant group of creators and we're directly trying to break down the walled gardens that we're so familiar with on mobile app stores. Even GPT-3 knows we're going in the right direction.

top apps on replit

Soon, you'll also be able to install apps to your Replit account, letting you collect interesting tools and games you find from all over the world. This is just the first step of amplifying our community. We'll also make it just as simple and easy to find collaborators, teams, jams, and other events.

Creation is all about feedback loops. The easier it is to find new content, the easier it is to add onto it, remix, and share it back with the community. The core advantage that TikTok has over YouTube is that content creation is as easy (or almost as easy) as content consumption. And the same is true for Replit over GitHub. Just as easily as you can run someone’s project and browse their code, you can jump right into the workspace and make it your own— all without leaving your tab.

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You can publish any repl you want to Apps. In the workspace or on your repl’s Spotlight page, just click Publish and you'll be asked to add a description, cover image, and some tags.

publishing on replit

Once a repl is published, people will be able to find it on Apps, where the entire community can run, react, and remix your amazing work. Read more about the publishing guidelines here.

If Replit is a city, Apps is our bazaar. See you there 🌆 🎉