Builder Profile: Andrew Davison

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Andrew Davison is an entrepreneur and automation expert who uses Replit and AI to build tools that streamline his and his clients’ work.

Andrew is a new coder with an abundance of ideas. He works with clients through his consulting agency, Luhhu, tends to a community of automation entrepreneurs, and is learning to code. He’s been able to turn his numerous ideas into products with the help of AI and Replit. “My journey into building was to ask ChatGPT how to build and launch an app and it suggested Replit, Python, Flask, and SQLite... and that's how my preferred tech stack was born!“

For someone so focused on optimization and automation, Replit has been an ideal tool for Andrew. For him, Replit has “removed the need for multiple tools to get started…everything is there and it's been super intuitive to use. I've been able to build small programs to automate some aspects of my business admin, as well as publishing full-blown apps from scratch.”

Export My Base
Export My Base

One of Andrew’s earliest projects on Replit was Export My Base, a tool that connects to Airtable to export all the tables from a base in one go - a feature Airtable doesn’t currently offer, despite its utility for most users. With Export My Base, Andrew wanted a simple, but useful tool to get started. Andrew’s seemingly simple tool had a real audience, and with Replit he was able to take Export My Base “from idea, to build, to launch and now to sold, all within 2 months.”

“I headed over to ChatGPT and started with ‘I'd like to build an app in Replit that connects to the Airtable API and downloads all tables from an Airtable’ and went from there. About 40 hours later…I had a working app which I was later able to sell.”

Motivated by the success of Export My Base and the ease of building on Replit, Andrew is working on his next venture: a directory of Zapier experts. The work he’s building now is setting the stage for the next phase of his career.

Automate Now
Automate Now

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