EDIT - This article is now outdated

If you're looking for up-to-date videos about Replit, the best place to loook is our Youtube channel. The videos below may be inaccurate, or missing.

We've been seeing more and more coding video tutorials using YouTube and Twitch.tv. Today we're sharing some of our favorite YouTube videos that uses Repl.it :

0. Coding your first program on Repl.it with Emile

In this video Emile Ferreira shows how to code your first program in your language of choice. Emile is a talented developer and educator and I hear that he'll be creating more content using Repl.it soon.

1. Learn Python with Rafeh Qazi

Rafeh Qazi aka Clever Programmer's channel is full of great content for aspiring programmers. In addition to Repl.it, he uses Codecademy and a few other tools to walk you through the Python Programming language. Check out this video that uses Repl.it to teach Python Dictionaries:

2. Learn C, Python, and More with BrainStemSchool

BrainStemSchool features a lot of great content on a variety of programming topics. It starts out simple but works up to complex topic -- all using Repl.it!

3. Functional programming Alexander Noriega

Alexander Noriega uses Repl.it to discuss functional programming on YouTube. In this video Alexander uses Repl.it to contrast function composition between JavaScript and Haskell.

4. Learn the Algorithmic Way of Thinking with Philosophy Behind Coding

Philosophy Behind Coding has everything you need to break into the software development industry! They use animation videos for explanations and Repl.it for the coding part.

5. C and C++ Tutorials with Beginning Programmer

The Beginning Programmer channel is full of great content that uses Repl.it and focuses on C and C++.

6. Integrate Programming with Repl.it and OneNote

This is a tutorial for teachers who are looking to add fun code interactions to their classroom OneNote.

7. A LOLCode Tutorial

Last but not least, nothing would be complete without some lolz.