*Edit: As of March 2022, Teams for Education is free for all educators. You can gain access here.

This Fall we will be shipping a series of small and large improvements to the Teams for Education product. We are laser-focused on making Repl.it the best solution for learning how to code; especially during extended periods of distance learning.

Easy Grading and Feeback Using Project Switcher

Teams for Education Editor Pane

Grade projects faster with our new Project Switcher! Instead of tediously clicking "View Submission" for every student, you may now view, leave feedback, and annotate student project submissions without leaving your workspace.

You can also use the Project Switcher to seamlessly navigate between Projects. We hope this helps relieve some anxiety while rushing to submit grades before the end of the semester!

Bulk Invite Students via CSV File

CSV file upload Invite all of your students to your Team at once by uploading a single CSV file. No need for students to have a Repl.it account beforehand - just provide their email addresses.

student project perma-links Assign projects quickly using permanent student links to Team Projects. Only students who are part of your Team will be able to use your project perma-link. This improvement will make it more efficient to share links within your existing LMS.

Looking Ahead

That's not all! We have several exciting things arriving before the end of 2020:

  • Code-free input/output test authoring and autograding
  • A better onboarding experience for teachers
  • Webinars and training on Teams for Education
  • Snazzy new Teams profiles

Giving Feedback Goes a Long Way

Teachers continue to express their enthusiasm for multiplayer Repls, annotations, and group projects. We will continue to build on these new platform features to provide a seamless collaborative experience for project based learning.

Are you dreaming of Repl.it features to make you a superhero in your classroom? We want to hear about it! Contact Derrick McMillen directly via email. You can also leave feedback for us via Canny.


Learn more about Teams for Education in our documentation.