We believe everyone should have instant access to a complete coding environment in their browser. That’s why Repl.it has joined the GitHub Student Developer Pack, giving eligible students free access to private repls, unlimited multiplayer sessions, and additional processing power. Students can now focus on learning and collaborating with their classmates in new ways, without the hassle of setting up a new environment each time.

How To Claim a Free Hacker Plan

To claim a free Hacker plan, eligible students should apply for the GitHub Student Developer Pack and then log in to Repl.it using their GitHub credentials. All eligible accounts will be automatically upgraded to a Hacker plan free of charge for 6 months.

Along with unlimited private repls, Hacker provides up to 5 Boosts and 5 Always On repls. If you wish to go beyond the 5 repl limit for either power up, you can do so by purchasing Cycles. Cycles are not included in the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Free Private Repls

Students sometimes need a private place to practice, make mistakes, and learn at their own place. With a free Hacker plan students will be able to create unlimited private repls. Private repls are a great place to learn new languages, study for an assignment, or put the finishing touches on a project.

Free private repls

Unlimited Multiplayer Sessions

Repl.it allows students to write code together in their browsers, unlocking a whole new way to work together on assignments and projects. Students can code together in real time or asynchronously, study group can take on a whole new meaning.

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