We're super excited to announce Replit Creates - a creative coding challenge taking place during the month of August. If you want to see what it's all about, check out the Replit Creates website!

How do I participate?

Each weekday, we'll provide you with prompts and resources to create something expressive rather than something functional. Most of these prompts will be intentionally open-ended to leave room for your interpretations, but each one comes with helpful links in case you need some inspiration.

Get involved

  • Over the course of the month, we'll have weekly workshops.
  • We'll also have show and tells every Friday at 9 AM PDT.
  • You can submit your creations throughout the month on the website for a chance to win prizes!
  • Share your creations on social media and publish to the Community page using the hashtag #create31, and we might even repost you on the Replit account!
  • At the end of the month you'll even have a chance to share what you've created in a virtual gallery opening.
  • If you want to collaborate with a new friend on a project, head on over to the Discord server and find the #replit-creates channel.

The prompts are hidden right now, but you'll be able to find them over on the Replit Creates website. We'll be releasing them at the beginning of each weekday at 12:00 AM PDT starting on August 1st. These prompts will fall under 5 different themes, which will also be released throughout the month of August.

What's in it for me?

If you participate in Replit Creates, you'll have the ultimate prize at the end of the month - your very own portfolio website where you can showcase all of your awesome creative coding projects! If that's not enough, you can also have:

  • A chance to be reposted on Replit's social media accounts if you share your creations on TikTok/Twitter and use the hashtag #create31
  • Discount for the Repl Shop if you collaborate with a new friend on Discord, attend a workshop, or present your work at a weekly review session
  • An exclusive Replit Creates t-shirt if you submit a valid repl for each day's challenge
  • A platform to share your art with the community at our virtual gallery opening

Replit Creates is your chance to think outside of the box and build something beautiful, terrible, or random. We are so excited to see what you build!

created by reddit user u/schnautzi

P.S. If you're looking for initial inspo go check out the creative coding subreddit. The gif above is taken from it.

One last thing for those who made it this far -- follow us on Replit below!