We have discontinued support for react native

At Replit, we're always looking to give you new ways to learn and build cool new things, so we partnered with our friends at Expo to create a React Native environment. Expo is an amazing technology allows you to develop apps on your phone without downloading any IDEs or simulators. All you have to do is get the Expo App on your phone and use it to connect your phone to Replit.

Leveraging this technology allows you to write iOS and Android apps in a matter of seconds. This is truly a new paradigm for mobile app development.

Here's a quick video of me using React Native on Replit to connect, write, and run code on my phone in about 30 seconds! here's the repl from the demo

Aside from just making something cool, we also had a goal in mind. We realized that mobile app development has always been hard to learn in school. For most mobile app development courses, students will write either an Android or iOS app, zip up the (giant) project, and submit it to their teacher. Teachers don't have time load and run everybody's assignment, so they will give it a quick visual scan, and then grade it. This process is neither efficient or engaging for the students or their teacher.

We've decided to change this by opening up React Native to our classrooms product. Teachers and their students now have a streamlined platform for teaching and learning mobile app development in Replit Classroom.

Now, it's your turn. https://repl.it/languages/react_native