Today, we are launching a new plan for you to speed up your development with Replit's AI tools and an even more powerful Workspace.

What is included in the Pro plan?

All the benefits from the entry Hacker plan: Unlimited Private Repls, one Always On, and one Boost that you can apply to any of your Repls.


A more powerful Workspace: Anytime you are actively coding, your Workspace will have 4 GB Memory, 4 vCPUs — double what you would get with Hacker. This will enable you to build more resource-intensive apps, and things like code intelligence and build times will be faster.


Ghostwriter: Replit’s coding assistant, with Complete, Generate, Transform, and Explain Code. For a limited time, Pro customers will get free access to the Ghostwriter Chat Beta, the first conversational AI in an IDE, complete with a proactive Debugger, and awareness of your project’s context.

Until now, Ghostwriter was only available via Replit’s virtual tokens, Cycles. With the Pro plan, you get the best development experience on Replit, in one easy-to-manage plan.

You can purchase the Pro plan for $20/month or $220/year.

For more information, check out our pricing page.