At our mission is to make programming more accessible. We want to build the platform that will empower the next billion programmers to build the future of software. To accomplish this we needed to build a sustainable business that allows us to grow with our users.

Last year when we introduced our Classroom and Hacker plans we received a lot of feedback from our teachers and we continued to tune and change our pricing to make it into a win-win situation. And now we're happy to announce that we're expanding our free plans to include more. Both for our classroom and hacker users.

Hacker pricing

First and foremost, the Hacker Plan has been reduced to $7/month. For those who are already Hackers, the updated price will show up at the beginning of your next billing cycle. As part of this we made internet access available for everyone - both free and paid accounts. Previously, only users with a paid plan could run repls with internet access, and everyone else would get an error - but no longer!

This means that you can now write and run repls that scrape data or access APIs, regardless of whether you have a paid subscription or not. Sharing or embedding an internet-accessing repl will also work for those using it - so if you wanted to use to write examples for your public-facing API, now you can do so without worry.

Be sure to check out the announcement here.

Those with the hacker plan will also have a new look for their profile. Here's a preview - coming soon!

hacker profile

Classroom pricing

Effective today, free accounts can have up to 200 students. Other features such as Teacher Collaboration, Classroom Embedding, and Private Classrooms will still require a K-12 or Classroom Pro Subscription - but if you only need Classroom's basic functionality, 200 students should be enough to cover your students.

The new limit of 200 students should be able to accommodate six classes, each with 30-ish students.

Please see our pricing page for more information.