You can now give your team members nicknames in Replit Teams! This will help admins better organize and view their teammates.

Nicknames are visible all over Teams for Education, so you'll be able to spot students at-a-glance in "Who's Coding", when assigning group projects, and in your Team Overview. Plus you can view and search by nickname in project submissions!

Why use nicknames

We've heard from teachers who use FERPA/COPPA compliant Teams for Education that the generic usernames their students are automatically assigned make it hard to identify student work. Now, they will be able to give each student the name they are known by without sacrificing any privacy.

Many teachers also asked for a way to organize their Teams for Education into multiple cohorts or sections of students. Nicknames are a great way to do just that! Now, teachers who use one team for multiple sections can indicate each student's section in their nickname, then search through submissions by section.

Searching project submissions by section

Thought of another creative way to use nicknames? Let us know on Twitter @LenaAtReplit!

How it works

To edit nicknames, open up your team, click "Manage team members", then double click on any team member's name to edit it and hit enter! Now you'll see these friendly nicknames all over your team!

Nicknames demo gif