There is a special moment in learning: when a student runs their code against the unit tests and finally sees all of them turn green. This moment of enlightenment means the student has just managed to create their own working solution to a difficult problem, and has made a step towards becoming a great programmer! Wouldn't it be cool to further enhance the student's knowledge by showing the student different approaches to tackle the same problem?

We are excited to introduce model solutions. Model solutions allow you show your students the best way to complete an assignment after they have come to their own working solution. Students will have access to your model solution once they submit their own and it is marked as completed. Model solutions can help you as a teacher demonstrate a preferred coding style, new language features and idioms, or simpler and more efficient algorithms.

model solution example

Model solutions can also help teachers debug unit tests. A teacher can create their assignments via TDD (test driven development) by writing the tests first and then creating a solution to pass them. Switching between the unit test editor and model solution editor is a seamless way to make sure the unit tests are bullet proof.

For now, model solutions can only be added to assignments with unit tests. If you'd like to use them for a use case that we don't currently support, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]! Our goal at Replit is to enhance your classrooms and work towards universal programming literacy.