On July 11th, we had our second Repl.it IRL and it was an amazing event!

replit meetup

We loved the experience of enjoying pizza and meeting some of our awesome Repl.it users. We met Replers that were still in school along as well as some that were working in the industry and it was truly fantastic seeing everyone have fun together.

replit meetup

The event started with people coming in to the Bradfield School of Computer Science and picking up some swag along with stickers.

replit meetup feature

The special feature of this meetup was a talk given by one of our engineers, Faris, and how the Language Server Protocol (LSP) improves our editor and platform. Here is a recording of the livestream and here is the blog post he wrote up on it.

replit meetup show and tell

After Faris’ talk, we did a show and tell where people presented a cool project of theirs! We saw someone give a presentation on the friendly interactive shell (fish) and we also had Amjad present Repl.sh, a tool that connects to Repl.it from a terminal since, well, sometimes you just need a free container.

replit meetup VR

As some added awesomeness, someone at the meetup was able to set up a VR environment where one could play a game and spectators would be able to see the player inside the game without a green screen!

replit meetup hacking

While hacking Repl.it is fun, it wasn’t as fun as hacking with Repl.it. For our mini hackathon, the prompt was to make a ridiculous 90s website and make ridiculous 90s websites people did:

90's banana website

1990's website

1990's website

And here is the post with all of the projects!

If you’d like to start up your own Repl.it IRL or just say hi, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] and till next time!