is quickly becoming a tool that's used in everyday programming, and our users are building all sorts of amazing programs. One thing that's been missing for a long time is the ability to access the internet from repls. Being able to call APIs or remote servers is something programmers can't live without. That's why we're excited to announce that starting now we're openning internet access for all!

Previously, only users with a paid plan could run repls with internet access, and everyone else would get an error. (Read more about our pricing update)

This means that you can now write and run repls that scrape data or access APIs, regardless of whether you have a paid subscription or not. Sharing or embedding an internet-accessing repl will also work for those using it - so if you wanted to use to write examples for your public-facing API, now you can do so without worry!

Examples of Repls that access the Internet:

Scraping Wikipedia Web Pages:

Accessing Public APIs: