Like many of you, we’ve been stuck at home, trying out new hobbies, attempting to learn new things, and anxiously waiting until life “gets back to normal.” Well, regardless of how you’ve been spending your time during COVID, if you (or a friend or family member) have been wanting to learn how to code, we want to help!

At, it’s our mission to make programming easier and more accessible, which is why we’ve built the best programming environment for learners. We built tools to get you coding right away without needing to fuss around with complex setup. But we also make it easy to progressively uncover advanced concepts as you learn, host your code, share and collaborate with friends, and the list goes on.

So true to our mission, today we’re announcing a new course: “How to teach yourself coding.”

Teach Yourself Programming Course Registration

This one-month course will show you how to get started coding, and how to keep up your momentum when you get stuck. It will start with absolute basics about how computers and programming languages work, and get you started on making your own basic website. The course will include instruction on how to write, fix, and test your own code, how to learn from other peoples’ code, and the basics of computer security and ethics. The primary languages will be HTML/CSS/Javascript, the building blocks of the modern web. By the end of the class, you’ll have a program you built yourself, and you’ll have momentum to keep teaching yourself more.

Register now or read on for more details.

The course will be taught by celebrity guest teacher, Andrew Sutherland, who is the founder of Quizlet, an educational software tool serving millions of students and teachers around the world. Andrew started Quizlet at age 15, when he needed a tool to help himself learn in a high school French class. He then taught himself how to program by building lots of different websites, each one more complex than the next, until he started on Quizlet.


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 4:00 - 5:00pm pacific time
    • Will stay on until 5:30 for discussion and extra help
  • Monday, August 3 - Friday, August 28
    • It’s ok to join late or take time off for vacation. We’ll be releasing recorded videos to all registered attendees. And that means if you’re in a different time zone, that’s ok too!
  • Zoom + Repl multiplayer + Quizlet flashcards
    • Details will be shared with registrations


  • Free for Hacker plan subscribers (now just $5/month)
  • $100 for the entire course for everyone else

Interested? Excited to learn coding from a successful engineer/entrepreneur? Register now!