On the weekend of July 21st, we sponsored and attended the Midwest's largest high school hackathon, Hack Chicago!

The event started out with an opening ceremony where people arrived and got a chance to hear from sponsors (including us).

After the opening ceremony ended, people either broke off to their teams or stuck around for the team forming activity. Once everyone was in teams and starting their preparations, it was time for workshops!

The first workshop was on making your first website using HTML and CSS. What's pretty cool is that this workshop was done on Repl.it!

The next workshop was on making a simple "That was easy" button using Javascript.

The last workshop was hosted by Yev (that's me!) and was on making your first 3D game using Three.js.

On Sunday, we got to see the final projects and demos that everyone spent the past weekend working on.

One of the teams used Repl.it to host a Node.js server and created a mobile application that would allow people with down syndrome to connect with new friends

Another team used Google Maps and local crime data to generate a heat map to highlight areas that had more frequency of crimes than others

The team we gave our prize to for the best hack on Repl.it made a blockchain blogging platform where they stored users' posts on the IPFS protocol

Overall Hack Chicago was a spectacular weekend!

My name is Yev and I'm a Growth Engineer at Repl.it. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] and till next time!