has always tried to make coding fast, easy, and work seamlessly with your other tools. That’s why we’re excited to announce that has teamed up with GitHub Classroom to make learning how to code even easier.

Along with some updates we’ve made to our mobile UI and UX, our integration with GitHub Classroom now makes it simple to learn and collaborate wherever your class is. Teachers and students can now instantly create repls based on their GitHub Classroom assignments, and group assignments are powered automatically by Multiplayer. This means pair programming and collaborative debugging now have first-class support with your GitHub Classroom work.

GitHub Integration with

Combined with the GitHub integration we released a few months ago, which allows you to push, pull, and import from GitHub repositories, you now have all of the tools you need to work across assignments, get full access to GitHub’s resources, and take advantage of’s collaboration features. To read more about and Git, see the + Git Tutorial, and see our Quickstart Guide if you’re new!

For more information about GitHub specific details on how to setup your classroom, check out GitHub’s announcement!

We hope you find it useful 😄