On Monday, June 11th, we had our first Repl.it Meetup and it was super awesome!

replit meetup

A bunch of Replers from teachers to students came to the Repl.it office to enjoy pizza, meet the team, chat with other Replers, and also spend some time coding in a mini hackathon where the prompt was to make the most overcomplicated "Hello World" program possible.

coding at replit meetup

One of the coolest projects made at the meetup was a program that would take a font, generate a separate Python+Turtle program that would draw the text "Hello World" in that specified font, and then he presented the resulting Python program as being the elaborate "Hello World" program.

The code for generating the "Hello World" program itself is here and, if you're interested in seeing the other projects made, they were collected via commenting on our I Built This post.

We certainly enjoyed meeting some of our users as well as seeing everyone have a fun time hacking and we're planning for the next Repl.it IRL to be on July 11th!

replit meetup laughing

If you're interested in putting together your own Repl.it IRL, shoot us an email at [email protected] and that's all for now!