Arguments over programming language semantics, standard library behavior, or syntax can now be simply and immediately settled within the chatroom by talking to Evalbot. It is a bot that can speak over 10 programming languages and is ever-present on Messenger and can be added to your team chat on Slack.

Evalbot: a bot that speaks code Evalbot: a bot that speaks code

Beyond settling arguments we envision Evalbot to be useful for teaching and learning programming in chatrooms and for quickly running programs in Messenger on the go. That, and it's just a fun hack that we enjoyed working on :)

Evalbot can be interacted with in a couple of ways:

  • Named code fences are parsed and executed

Evalbot Parsing

  • Conversational

conversational Evalbot

To get started, add evalbot to your slack team or message it on facebook. You can visit the help page for more info.

We built Evalbot using our API and put the code on Github. Let us know on Twitter how you're using Evalbot. Beep Bop.