Say hello to the Replit Curriculum Hub, your one-stop-shop for quality CS learning materials!

Since launching Teams for Education, we've met countless amazing educators. From seasoned Computer Science instructors who need some ideas to spice up their classes to Social Studies teachers that are stepping in last-minute at their schools to teach programming. Whatever your experience, the Curriculum Hub was built by experienced educators across a variety of skills and learning environments to meet all kinds of learner needs.

With the Curriculum Hub, admins on Teams for Education accounts can quickly peruse projects, lesson plans, instructions, and tests, then plug them right into their own Teams. Curriculum Hub materials are designed to work as full units or as stand-alone projects to turnkey into your tried-and-true materials.

We define Replit curriculum as:

Meet the Teachers

Malcolm Eckel is a Computer Science teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School in Fairfax, VA and Replit's first ever Teacher Fellow. He's passionate about Project-Based Learning, so he developed curriculum to teach Python that encourages students to apply their coding skills to open-ended and creative projects!

Toni Scullion is a computing science teacher and founder of dressCode, a non-profit charity aspiring to make a dent in the computing science gender gap. She is extremely passionate about teaching computing science and getting more young people into the subject, particularly more girls. Check out her fun and creative lessons on HTML and CSS and SQL.

Andy Colley is a computer science teacher from Manchester, UK and passionate PRIMM advocate. (If you're not sure what that is, check out his session on it!) He's created a ton of Predict, Run, Investigate, Modify, and Make projects for both Intro to Python and Intermediate Python.

Tucker Klutey teaches Computer Science at Alpha, a K-12 private school in Austin, TX. His teaching motto is "learn at play" which is probably why his unit on Image Recognition with Teachable Machine is so exciting!

David Morgan has been teaching Computer Science in British secondary schools for two decades and brings not only his expertise, but his excellent sense of humor to his Python for GCSE unit. Get comfy and read these materials like a good book!

We've also highlighted the curriculum developed during our recent professional development by Replit Certified Teachers that showcases the incredible ingenuity within Replit's teacher community. Peruse their curriculum on focused skills such as Repetition with Java, Pointers in C, and File Handling with JavaScript.

Coming soon:

  • Intro to Java by Brendan McCart
  • Intro to C++ by Alfonso Torres

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