Some changes and fixes we make don't deserve their own blogpost. So we thought a good way to keep you up-to-date is to collect however many that could be of interest and write a "Changelog".

IDE Changes

ES2015 imports from npm

A couple of months ago we announced that you can require any package from npm. But some of you have moved past the archaic ways of CommonJS and wanted support for ES6. So that's why we're glad to bring ES6 import support. Check this out.

Python turtle keyboard support

So you want to move your turtle? We got you. Check this out.

Bigger Python turtle canvas

It's much hard to run out of space; you can scroll around or expand your screen to see what your turtle did.

Classroom changes

Monospace in instructions

For inline code notice that you can now style your words with "monospace" in our classroom instructions editor.

Change assignment "scheduled at"

You couldn't change your assignment publish date unless you unpublish. Now you can do that.