Welcome back to our monthly changelog! This month was full of bug fixes and small tweaks during one of our busiest times of the year. As always, we love hearing from you! Drop us a line on twitter or on our feedback board!

We weren't the only ones hard at work this month. Check out these awesome repls from our lovely community!


  • We launched our integration with Open AI's codex project! This is available for hacker subscribers, Teams Pro, and soon, higher education users. Blog post here.
  • We released a new solidity template to get started quickly in the web3 space. Check out the template here
  • Kaboomjs v2000 is now released! We announced our latest code jam, Kajam! Build a game using Kaboomjs and win prizes!

User experience changes

  • iPads and other tablets are now using CodeMirror, a mobile optimized code editor.
  • the Student Overview in Teams for Education now uses accessibility friendly icons.

Bug Fixes

  • Changing passwords for privacy users did not notify admins of the new password requirements.
  • Long descriptions stretched the page on spotlight pages.
  • "always on" folders were temporarily 404'ing.
  • Students can now see when a submission has been reviewed (on the teams page), and will be sent a notification when a submission is reviewed.
  • When a teacher returns a submission back to a student, the submission's reviewed status will be cleared.
  • Due dates can now be removed from Teams projects.
  • Hovering over css variables could crash workspace.
  • Holding alt key caused the editor to go blank.
  • Linked domains appeared as unlinked in some scenarios
  • New repls had /join links that resulted in 404s.
  • The history icon was clipped in the workspace.
  • Users were unable to clone from full GitHub URLs.
  • Certs were unavailable for some hosted sites.
  • Tkinter repls were failing to load on Microsoft Edge.