Fall is right around the corner, and its time for the August edition of our monthly changelog!

Our awesome community has also been hard at work on some exiting projects this month. Check out the monthly repls here!

We love hearing from you! Please leave any feedback you have here.


  • We're up to 21% of all languages running via nix. https://arewenixyet.com.
  • We launched a bunch of new features for our educators and students. See our education update here.
  • You can now watch featured coding videos when working on Python repls! replit dashboard with video
  • Replit is now available on Android devices via the Google Play store! Expect more mobile updates coming soon.

User experience changes

  • New users will be greeted with a checklist to learn more about replit.
  • We've simplified learning resources in our sidebar under the "Learn" tab.
  • Recent repls now update when you edit a repl's contents!
  • Repls can now be forked to your teams in addition to your personal account.

Bug Fixes

  • Some markdown syntax was not rendering in the markdown preview.
  • "Verification Pending" is no longer showing up for verified teams.
  • The mobile virtual keyboard should no longer cover the cursor and selected text.