We're back for the July edition of our monthly changelog where we highlight some of our big and small feature releases, user experience changes, and bug fixes!

We love hearing from you! Please leave any feedback you have here.


  • Multiplayer prescence now extends to the whole editor! We added cursor following and presence in the file tree. Blog post
  • 11% of our languages are now runnable via nix! Check out https://arewenixyet.com to track our progress.
  • Launched a brand new status page to track our uptime.
  • We released a Python framework with built-in database and auth support. Blog post
  • You can now embed .draw files in markdown as if they were images: ![my cool drawing](art.draw).

User experience changes

  • Our password requirements are now stronger! Sorry not sorry.
  • Repl descrptions can now contain links and have a longer limit (1000 chars).
  • All thread notifications in a repl can be marked as read with one click.
  • You can now double-click the filename in a tab to edit it. replit draw files
  • Linux and Windows users can now use CTRL+SHIFT+C in the console or shell to copy from the terminal and CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste in the terminal.
  • Our terminal now uses the same typeface as rest the of our interface, IBM Plex Mono.
  • Code highlighting in the editor is now up to 20x faster!

Professional Development

Replit hosted our very first Teacher Professional Development this month!

  • 120 CS educators participated, 15 of them received certification for their CS curriculum which you'll be able to find and use in our Curriculum Hub this August!
  • Participants came together from all over the world, with educators tuning in from South Africa, the USA, Scotland, Sweden, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Spain, and more!
  • Check out their advice on teaching CS with Replit.

Bug Fixes

  • Multiplayer sessions did not always show users online.
  • Improved search accuracy in Teams for Education submissions.
  • Email notifications for certain actions were being sent even when notifications were switched off.
  • Hyphens in usernames were causing issues with our proxy for HTML repls.
  • Several fixes that reduced the possibility of data loss.