Part 2 of our back-to-school series.

Hi Teachers,

If our slightly quieter Office Hours are any indication, you're all getting busier with classes and settling into the new school year. If you are already hitting a lull and looking for some resources to spice up your curriculum, look no further!

This week, I'm talking about the Replit Curriculum Hub and other ways you can get inspiration and ideas for your projects and assignments.

  1. Our Curriculum Hub is where Teams for Education admins can access pre-built projects, lesson plans, instructions, and tests to import and utilize in their own teams. CURRICULUM HUB SCREENSHOT

  2. Replit Apps is a gallery to browse and discover new repls from the community. The best part? You and your students can look under the hood of projects you like and even fork them to remix your own versions! APPS VIDEO

  3. The Replit YouTube channel is a treasure-trove of tutorials on topics from building a Kaboom game to creating a custom Slackbot.

  4. Our teacher community forum is a great place to find and share resources, brainstorm ideas, and get help.

  5. Want to show off your own curriculum resources in the Curriculum Hub and get some $$$? Submit a proposal!

  6. Our friends at freeCodeCamp are busy developing new Rust and Python web development (with Flask + replit.web) and Data Science curriculum. Check out some of their tutorials using Replit:

  7. Join in on our game jam, Kajam, this October 18-25. Not only will you make video games and friends (and maybe even a little money), you'll also get a head start on learning Kaboom.js so you can teach it with our upcoming curriculum! KABOOM IMAGE

Happy coding!