Part 1 of our back-to-school series.

Hi Teachers,

If you're new to Replit this fall...Welcome! If you've been with us for years, then thanks for being such a great member of our community!

As we dive into this new academic year, we want to make sure you and your students have everything you need to be successful.

This week, I'm focusing on resources for teachers to get connected with the Replit team and with one another!

  1. Join our Community Forum to give and get help and ideas from other teachers.
  2. Visit our Curriculum Hub to find quality projects and lesson plans by other CS educators around the world.
  3. Check out our documentation for all the information you could ever need about Replit.
  4. Join our live Office Hours to get help from our team and brainstorm with other educators. We're offering Office Hours twice a week during September to support you during the back-to-school rush!
  5. Want to request a new feature? Add it to our Canny board!
  6. Just want to chat? Tweet at us @Replit or DM me at @LenaAtReplit.
  7. Something else? Email us at [email protected] and we'll help you out.

The Replit teacher community is full of creative, smart, kind people - like you, Reader! - and we do all we can to support them and their students. Tap into the power of our community and our team to take your CS classes to the next level!