Speed is the number one thing that lets startups compete against the big companies. Imagine how fast you could move if your whole team could do even just a little bit of coding. That tedious repetitive task? Automate it. Communicating product requirements? Code an MVP. Etc. Etc.

AmpleMarket, a YC-backed sales automation startup, has been using Replit to get everyone coding and shipping faster. AmpleMarket's product is redefining the modern sales playbook for high-scale tech businesses, so it's no surprise that when it comes to their own work, they're at the cutting edge too.


We spoke with João Batalha, Co-Founder & (Technical) CEO, and Pedro Guimarães, Growth, at AmpleMarket about how they're using Replit.

How did you discover Replit?

When Pedro first joined AmpleMarket, he'd just graduated university, had taken 2 introductory computer science classes in school, was working exclusively on a Chromebook, and was focused on sales & marketing. João asked him to gather a ton of data and clean it up. Pedro panicked for a moment. He didn't want to waste a bunch of time doing this manually, didn't know a lot of computer science, and couldn't set up a dev environment on his Chromebook.

But then he remembered that he'd used Replit in school and just jumped in and started coding. Soon he had some of AmpleMarket's scripts running on Replit and finished the project ahead of schedule. Before long others on the sales & marketing team were using Replit and collaborating closely with engineers.





How do you use Replit?

When Pedro first started using Replit at AmpleMarket, João was a little surprised. João had been using Replit as a quick scratchpad when he wanted to test something out without installing local packages or to teach a programming concept to someone else. But now he's started getting ideas for all the possibilities to move faster with Replit.

The sales & marketing team can run scripts for web scraping, cleaning data, connecting to APIs, and more with Replit's code execution and hosting features. Without needing to show up knowing how to write and host these scripts from scratch, businesspeople are able to make small edits and customizations. And before long they're learning how to write their own scripts too.

Now the engineering team is using Replit too for quick, simple tasks and collaborating.

What do you like best about Replit?

João told us that his favorite thing about Replit is the easy collaboration. When Pedro or another teammate is working on a script and they get stuck, they can share a quick link to the repl, and an engineer can take a look and make edits. They can even drop into a multiplayer coding session to fix the code together in real-time. There's no downloading and uploading and trying to keep different local environments in sync to test things. Replit gets AmpleMarket unstuck fast.

How is Replit helping you accomplish your goals?

AmpleMarket's overall goal is to simplify sales and prospecting for their customers so they can work faster and more efficiently. One of the biggest challenges for sales teams is that all the different tools they use don't talk to each other, resulting in silos and inefficiency. AmpleMarket helps bring things together. Using Replit to scrape data, clean/transform data, and connect to APIs has let their own sales & marketing team get a lot of this work done. Engineering is no longer the bottleneck and can continue to focus on high impact product and infrastructure work.

Interested in using Replit with your team?

AmpleMarket has been thrilled by Replit. You will be too!

Sign up for the waitlist to join the closed beta of Replit Teams Pro. And don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.