Template Jam is Replit's annual template contest where our community builds repls that help themselves and others build projects on top of. These templates range widely from new language support, framework starter kits, to beginner guides.

This year, from May 23rd to June 23rd, we collected over 350 submissions from template creators. And today we're announcing the winners of the first $5,000 up for grabs!

Phase 1 winners were selected by a group of judges comprised of Replit's own engineers and one esteemed guest judge, Irene Alverado. The winners of the next $5,000 will be decided by how popular your template is with the community and we'll announce them in a couple weeks!

But without further ado...

Grand Prize - $1,400 USD

CodeMirror 6

This year, a Replit community mainstay, Coding Cactus takes home the grand prize with a template allowing almost anyone to create their own online code editor. This in-depth template gives you everything you need to create extensions and add new language support for existing CodeMirror 6 projects, like Replit.

This template showcases how you can add syntax highlighting and autocomplete to CodeMirror, using a custom language that the creator came up with themself! And in Coding Cactus's own words, they wrote docs "that anyone can follow to create the editor of their dreams 🥳."

CodeMirror 6 template in action

Second Prize - $250 USD each

For second prize, we are selecting three templates that both amaze us and serve to advance the capabilities of Replit creators. We're in awe of the quality of the code and the documentation that all of these templates show.

Advanced P5.js Platformer Engine

Attention game devs! Another long-time community member, IroncladDev has come through with an incredibly advanced platformer engine template. You can use this starting point to create a web-based platformer game with advanced physics, collisions, and wall-climbing all with just a little bit of code!

Advanced P5.js Platformer Engine cover image

Flask Forum Template

IcemasterEric, a 14-year old Python game dev, built an awesome plug and play forum template using Flask. The template provides authentication using Replit Auth and storage through Replit DB. Build your own community while learning the ins-and-outs of Flask and how the client/server model works!

Flask Forum Template Home Screen


One of our community members who loves making games and visual novels, lajbel made a mind-blowing Kaboom template that allows you to create visual novels in the browser with sound! We can't wait to see all the amazing stories created with the KaNovel plugin and template.

KaNovel Screen

Third Prize - $50 USD each

We had so many amazing submissions and it was so hard to just pick a few winners. We wanted to reward everyone who submitted a template we think the community would benefit from, and here's the list of those templates in no particular order:

PSA to winners: we will be in contact with you shortly on how to claim your winnings!

Thanks to everyone who made a template for Template Jam 2022. Even if you didn't win during this phase, you can still win prizes in phase 2 if your template is popular with the community!