Replit India Introducing the official launch of Replit India - Replit's first international launch! Thank you to the 2M+ developers from India who have signed up for Replit to learn to code, and host & deploy projects.

Replit's mission is to bring the next billion coders online, and this is not possible without India. We have launched a plethora of products and initiatives for Indian developers to learn to code, earn Cycles anywhere, anytime and host & deploy their project on Replit 24/7.

First some eye-popping stats on India and coding:

  • India is our 2nd largest developer community and fastest growing market
  • ~600K Repls are created every month from India
  • CodeWithHarry from India is the most followed person on Replit

This is what we have launched as part of Replit India!

Code anywhere and anytime

Dedicated Servers in India

We just launched our first international server cluster in Mumbai. This will drastically reduce latency for our India-based users to less than 100ms. Coding on Replit will now be even smoother - try it out today! All Indian developers will be automatically migrated over the upcoming weeks but in the meantime you can select this server cluster for yourself in your Replit Account settings!

Mobile app

India is our largest mobile developer base by a mile. We launched our revamped mobile app for Android specifically so that our developers in India can code anywhere and any time. Millions of developers in India don't have access to a laptop but still want to learn to code. The Replit mobile app enables them to unleash their potential. Many professional developers also want to code on the go, be it to test out a specific function or work on a side project while traveling. This is for them.

Upskill in Hindi for Free on Replit Learn Hub

You asked, we delivered. We recently launched 100 Days of Code - Python in Hindi in collaboration with CodeWithHarry! Python is an easy-to-learn programming language of the future, and is super popular in AI & ML. FYI - built our popular AI-assisted coding tool Ghostwriter in Python!

Earn Cycles by Coding

You code? Nice. Now you can earn! Monetize your coding skills through Bounties, a marketplace that connects coders with coding projects to earn Cycles.

In fact, kids from India inspired this program. They learned to code on Replit, and then earned money by working on coding projects for others. Through Bounties, we hope to have many more examples like this.

You can purchase extra Power Ups (more CPU & RAM) for your side projects using Cycles. Or use them to buy Ghostwriter, Replit's coding AI, to help you code many times faster.

And this is just the beginning! We have heard your feedback and plan to enable UPI to allow Indian users to pay, enable in-app payments so that you can buy Cycles via our mobile app and much more learn content in local languages. Stay tuned!

One more thing…

To celebrate our Indian developer community, we're giving limited early access to Ghostwriter Chat for free to 10 lucky winners in India. To enter, just like or RT this post!

You can view part 1 of this blog post series on India here.

If you are an organization or company interested in partnering with Replit to bring the next billion coders online in India, please email Anshul @ [email protected]!

If you are a college or school student who is interested in becoming a community ambassador for Replit, please Anshul @ [email protected]!